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Quickbooks Setup

Initial set-up of your QuickBooks file, whether you are starting a new business or importing your records from a different software. Precision Accounts will help you seamlessly step into QuickBooks as of your start date. With a plan of action, and some required information from you, we take over. You will receive the file ready to start operating your business.

Where is the Data File?

Your QuickBooks file can be stored at your location on a desktop or with QuickBooks online depending upon your access needs, number of users, and other features required.

  • If you use a desktop version, we will show you how to send us a file electronically. We will enter transactions and then return the file to you with the updates made.
  • If you use the online version, accountant changes can be done for you smoothly with no import necessary.

Secure Files

We understand that you are entrusting your financial information with us and so we follow guidelines to ensure your records secure and have a strict confidentiality policy. Your QuickBooks file is encrypted each time you send it to us.