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How Do I Print the Deposit Detail Report?

savetimeWhen you go to the report section of QuickBooks Online Harmony you will search relentlessly through their menu and wonder what they have done with the deposit report. Although I love the new look of Harmony, the addition of the graphs, and many of their new features, I am not big fan of the report screen. I find it cumbersome to click through several screens to find the desired report and it is a sticky screen, meaning it will stay on the screen  which you last viewed. This means if you return to reports to find an AR Summary report you must click through the All Reports, Manage Accts Receivable, A/R Aging Summary (3 clicks) if you last viewed the P&L.

Shortcut to access many reports:

Go to Reports in the left blue bar like normal, but then look for the search box in the middle of the screen between the graph and the list of available reports. depositYou can click in that box and a list of report choices appears which takes you directly to the report. With our example, select Deposit Detail report (1 click). You can then edit the report for dates of coverage or customize the report further. Shortcuts like this save time and frustration!

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